Gude Alpha Series Forged Double Bolster Tomato Knife 5", Black Hostaform Handle and Serrated Blade - GuedeUSA


Please observe the following instructions to enjoy your high-quality knives for many decades. Clean the knife directly after use with a damp cloth!

⁃Never leave knives uncleaned - especially after handling acidic food.

⁃Never clean knives with corrosive or abrasive agents.

⁃Do not clean knives with wooden handles in the dishwasher or leave them in water.

⁃Never store knives loose in the drawer.

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Kitchen knives should always be quickly and easily at hand. For domestic use, it is advisable to store the knives in a suitable knife block, which should be solidly made, stable and made of a material that matches the knives. Magnetic strips are a good alternative.

Do not leave knives loose in drawers to avoid damage to blades and handles.

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